Numbers Phobia

Arithmophobia – Quizzle Takes the Fear Out of Numbers

Arithmophobia – Whether it’s the numbers on a scale, those pesky ones on clocks, or all the numbers you have to deal with when it comes to personal finance, Quizzologist intern Sammy takes the fear out of all the numbers on your credit report. Want to take control of your credit – here are some first, and easy steps to take to get you on the right track.

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What Radioactive Tuna Teaches Us About Credit

Don’t think you can learn anything about your personal finances from a radioactive fish… the Quizzologists think you can. Find out what you and nuclear contaminated Tuna have in common besides either of you not wanting to be eaten.

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How to Rebuild Credit: A Roadmap

How to Rebuild Credit with Credit Cards: A Road Map

If you have bad credit, facing it head on is essentially your only option. Unfortunately, there aren’t any quick fixes or shortcuts, even if you’d been a model consumer prior to an unforeseen event like the “Great Recession” or an illness, which wreaked havoc on your credit score. Credit building requires discipline and commitment, but it truly is worth it, given the inextricable link between your credit score and your loan profile, ability to buy or lease property, and chances of being hired for certain jobs. So how does one go about rebuilding credit?

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