The New Savings Rule of Thumb

I Should Be Saving How Much?!

How much of your income should you be saving? A common rule of thumb answer used to be that 10 percent of income should go into savings. But 10 percent doesn’t really cut it anymore. Certified Financial Planner John D. Buerger explains what the new rule of thumb is and how to hit that target.

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How to Save More Money

How to Save More Money No Matter How Much You Earn

Lots of people think, “If only I made more money, I could save more.” The truth is, saving money doesn’t have much to do with your income. It’s true that someone living in poverty will not be able to save as much as someone earning $50,000 a year. But if you have a regular middle class income, the most important factors in helping you save money are your own dedication, discipline and sense of intention in saving. You can save more by deciding to save more.

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Retirement: Dream It, Plan It

Retirement: Dreaming Is Okay, But Realistic Planning Is Better

We’re all aware of inspiring adages such as, “Follow your dreams and the money will follow,” or, “Anything you can imagine, you can do,” or, “Reach for the highest star.” While it is important to have hope and inspiration to achieve as much as you can, a problem may arise if dreaming of achieving distant goals becomes a form of avoidance and procrastination. Yes, you still can write that novel that Hollywood will buy for an insane amount of money. And, yes, you can still start that wevbsite that generates millions. Keep working at it, but also make sure you also have a realistic view – and plan – for your future

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How to Manage Your Money after Retirement

You’ve worked hard for a lot of years and the day has finally arrived. Your office mates threw you a party. You packed up your belongings. And you drove away from work for the last time. You did it. You retired. For many people, retirement means freedom. And while retirement does bring some freedoms, some restrictions come with it, too. In order to manage your money well after retirement, you will need to find a good balance between the freedoms and restrictions.

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Retirement Savings: 401(k), IRA or Both?

Should You Contribute to a 401(k)?

It’s one of the fundamental rules of financial planning: you must save for retirement. But what is the best way to do it? Most people have access to a “defined contribution” retirement savings plan through their employers, like a 401(k). Here’s what it is, if you should contribute to one and other retirement savings options.

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