Improve Your Spouse's Credit Score

How to (Peacefully) Improve Your Spouse’s Credit Score

Marriage often joins two very different people together: introverts and extroverts, frugal and spend-thrift, good credit and bad credit. Consequently, happy marriages are typically the result of blending the best of the two into a stronger one. Improving your combined personal finances is no exception.

Credit reports are a big piece of that new combined financial picture. They will impact major financial decisions all newlyweds have to make: renting or buying a home, purchasing a new car, maybe even getting a new job. Find out how to peacefully improve your spouse’s credit score for a better shot at marital bliss and the best deals on life’s largest purchases.

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How to Handle Conflicts about Money with Your Partner

Managing Money Disagreements in Your Relationship

Disputes about money are cited as one of the leading causes of divorce, so if you’re in a committed relationship, learning to manage those disagreements is important. Deciding where to spend (or not to spend) your cash can be emotionally charged, so before you bring up the subject, make sure you’re in the right frame of mind. The goal is to compromise so that both of you walk away happy.

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Couples Who Do Bills Together, Stay Together

How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Your Spouse and Money

Money disagreements are a leading cause of divorce. When couples have different ideas about how to spend, save and prioritize their financial lives, or when they struggle to communicate about their stresses, hopes and fears about money, the relationship often suffers. How are you and your partner navigating your financial relationship, as well as your personal relationship? Here are a few ideas to consider as you work to create a happier home and a financially healthier life together.

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Divorce and Money

Getting a Divorce? 5 Ways to Ensure It’s Not a Financial Disaster

Although we never like to think or talk about it, divorce is an all too common occurrence to which no marriage is immune. If you are considering a divorce or are currently going through with one, emotions are probably running high and out-of-control. Of course, divorce is a devastating experience, but approaching it as level-headedly as possible will ensure that you don’t make mistakes that could spell doom for your financial future. Here are a few tips.

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Red, Yellow, Green: Easy Budget Planning for Couples

It’s no secret that money can cause major problems in an intimate relationship. Tackle your money problems and you may just find your love life improves as well. Certified Financial Planner®, Gelasia Steed, dishes on how to create a budget planner that will suit both you and your partner, and leave you with more time to enjoy each other.

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