How to Find a Great Financial Planner

6 Secrets to Choosing a Financial Planner

Every person in this country could use some financial planning help to make the smartest choices possible with their money. From my perspective as a wealth coach and Certified Financial Planner professional today, I wish that I had known a financial planner 25 years ago when I was starting out on my own. I would have made very different financial decisions along the way and would be in a much better place today if I had. Having been both a financial planner and financial planning client, I put together this list of the six secrets to choosing a financial planner.

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Quiz: What's Your Financial IQ?

Quiz for Women: What’s Your Financial IQ?

Are you a lady who lunches and lets your husband handle all of the financial affairs? Or are you a woman who holds the purse strings tightly and puts your hubby on an allowance? Or do you fall somewhere in the middle? All couples have their own way of budgeting and working out their finances. But, what don’t you know and what should you know to be prepared for the unexpected? Let’s test your Financial IQ.

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The New Savings Rule of Thumb

I Should Be Saving How Much?!

How much of your income should you be saving? A common rule of thumb answer used to be that 10 percent of income should go into savings. But 10 percent doesn’t really cut it anymore. Certified Financial Planner John D. Buerger explains what the new rule of thumb is and how to hit that target.

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The Best Gift a Father Can Give His Children

With Father’s Day upon us, children are anticipating presenting that special gift to their dad and visualizing the great happiness it will bring. Of course, any present a child gives us brings great delight. But what about parents? Is there a special gift we can give our children that will make them truly happy – throughout their lives?

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