Should You Do It Yourself?

5 Ways to Decide If a Project Is DIY-Worthy

You’re handy and self-sufficient, but you’re also busy living and working. When that home improvement project comes up, how do you decide if you should tackle it yourself or hire someone else to do it? This handy list of questions will help you determine if your project is right for doing it yourself or if your time might be better spent elsewhere.

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Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal to Increase Its Resale Value

How to Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you’re undoubtedly thinking about the sale price of your home, too. If you don’t know already, you’re probably wondering what your home is worth. Maybe you’ve talked to a Realtor, he’s done a market analysis and come back to you with a suggested sale price. Are you happy with that price? If you’d like to add a few more dollars, here are some things you can do to increase the re-sale value of your home.

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How to Repair Winter Home Damage

After the Storm: How to Spot and Repair Winter Damage to Your Home

It’s been a very long winter. In fact, many cities had record snowfall and ice totals. The US was hit with one large winter storm after another. We thought it would never come, but spring is on its way. With April coming, we can begin to look forward to the spring flowers bursting with color and the sound of birds chirping. If only it were that simple. When the sun and warmer temperatures come and begin to melt the record snow accumulations, be prepared to find damage to your home and landscape from this long rough winter.

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house exterior

Winter Home Improvement Projects You Can Get Done Now

Your home is your castle, but during the long winter months, you may get tired of being inside so much, particularly if you still have home improvements you’re longing to get done. There are some projects that will simply have to wait until warmer weather, but there are also great home improvement projects you can tackle during the winter that will immediately give your home – and you – a lift.

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Couple painting home.

Home Improvement: What It Really Costs and How to Do It Wisely

If you think spending $30,000 on a home remodeling project will increase the value of your home by $30,000, stop now before you spend a dime. The money you spend on a remodel rarely increases the value of your home dollar for dollar. Before you start spending, find out what types of remodeling projects add value to your home, how much remodeling projects add to your home’s value and how to plan an efficient and cost effective remodeling project.

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Window Treatments for Your Home

Window Treatment Ideas for Your Home

Windows are one of the biggest elements of a home’s interior design, serving both a practical and aesthetic function. Picking the right window treatment can be a bit daunting nowadays, especially considering the huge amount of options available on the market. The wide variety can also be good news, as it means you have a greater ability to customize your window treatments so that they are completely unique. Here are a few window treatment ideas to get you started on your next window decorating project.

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Worst Home Improvements to Make

7 Worst Home Improvements to Make

Many homeowners purchase a house with renovations in mind. You may need to put some work into your house before it lives up to its full potential. Before you start knocking down walls, make sure you are aware of the renovation’s return on investment. Here are seven renovations that may not pay you back when it’s time to sell.

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