National Consumer Protection Week

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National Consumer Protection  Week

National Consumer Protection  Week

Did you know there is a full week dedicated to helping you, the consumer, make informed decisions, and avoid scams and fraud? Well, there is, and it’s going on right now. National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) runs through Saturday, March 7, 2015.

Throughout the week dozens of free tips, videos and resources will be available at

There are tips on everything from banking, investing to avoiding scams.

For example: Do you have an old computer that’s jam-packed with tons of personal information, and you just don’t know how to get rid of it? No problem, check out the Disposing of Old Computers section.

If you live on the East Coast or in the Midwest, you know first-hand how crazy the weather has been lately. Deep freeze doesn’t even begin to explain it.

Unfortunately, there are crooks out there who use this weather to take advantage of people. Thankfully, NCPW has an entire section dedicated to weather emergencies including information on how to avoid weather-related scams.

If you’re looking for credit related information or education you can always check out,, or the National Consumer Protection Week’s credit, credit cards and debt section.

For the entire list of NCPW topics, tips and advice visit the NCPW website at