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creditrepair-blogMeet John. Not too long ago, John was living the American dream. He had a job that he loved, a growing family, and a brand new 4-bedroom home in the city. Sadly, less than a month after purchasing his new home, John’s company downsized, and he quickly found himself out of work. Within a few weeks’ time, his American dream had become a huge nightmare. With no steady income coming in, John maxed out his credit cards and the late payments were stacking up. To John, it was a scene right out of a movie, and unfortunately, he was playing the main character.

Unfortunately, John’s situation is all too common, and thousands of people just like him continue to feel the effect of today’s volatile job market.

Job loss is a terrible, frustrating and unfortunate event that no one can prepare for. It knocks you for a loop and sends you spinning in every direction, but up. It can effect everything,
including your credit.

At theimk.com, we understand how a less than perfect credit score can make it difficult to get approved for a mortgage, car or even an apartment – that’s why we’ve partnered with CreditRepair.com. Since 1997, they’ve helped people just like John find effective, credible solutions to their credit problems.

Here’s how it works:
Step 1: Check
When you sign up for CreditRepair.com, a team of credit repair experts will pull your credit reports (all three bureaus) and work with you to identify the negative items you want to challenge or change.

Negative items CreditRepair.com has been successful in removing:
– Collections
– Late payments
– Charge offs
– Liens
– Bankruptcies
– Repossessions
– Foreclosures
– Judgments

Step 2: Challenge
Their experts serve as an advocate for you and interact with the credit companies on your behalf. They will also communicate the appropriate changes to the credit bureaus.

Step 3: Change
CreditRepair.com makes it easy to track your goals with helpful tools, including a personal online dashboard and text and email alerts.

Using their strategies, members have seen an average 11.6 negative item removals in just four months.

If you’re looking for expert advice on how to fix your credit problems you can call 1(855) 698-8708 to get started with your free credit repair consultation now.