Tips for getting the most money for your old electronics

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money for your old electronics

money for your old electronicsMost people seem to buy a new cell phone, TV, computer and other electronic equipment on a regular basis. And one way to offset the cost of that new equipment is to sell your old equipment when you no longer need it. Here are some tips for getting the most money for your old electronics:

Gather everything you have. The more original components you can include with your equipment, the more money you can get back. So try to find any cables, chargers, accessories, original packaging, manuals, and software that you may have held onto. (And when you bring home a new item that you think you may want to sell in the future, keep as much of the original packaging and its contents as intact as possible to maximize the amount you get back.)

Clean it up. Equipment that looks like it was taken care of can command a higher price than equipment that looks like it was abused.

Do some research. The most popular items are Apple products, especially iPhones, but other brands of smartphones, tablets and laptops also do well. Don’t expect to get much for digital cameras, storage devices, MP3 players and printers. Not surprisingly, newer items sell better than older versions. A few checks online should help you determine if a particular items is worth selling.

Decide on your priorities. Selling the items yourself through web sites like Craiglist or eBay will likely get you the most money, especially if your items are recent models. However, you’ll need to weed out crackpots and scam artists, as well as be willing and able to monitor responses to your ad.

If you’re more interested in saving time and stress than maximizing your income, consider selling your items to an electronics buyback company like or Next Worth. You can see how much they’ll give you for a specific item by searching their web site, and get step by step directions on how to send in your items and receive money in exchange. Be sure to check reviews to ensure that the company you choose is trustworthy.

Another option is to sell your item back to a major retailer like Game Stop or Best Buy. Some retailers like Apple will also buy back certain items. While you generally won’t get top dollar at these locations, you can use the money or store credit to buy something that you were going to spend money on anyway. For example, Best Buy will give you a quote for your item online, then issue you a gift card in store when you bring in your item. You can then use the gift card to buy something new you’ve had your eye on … until you’re ready to trade that in, too.