Live the multi-millionaire life for $2,500 a month

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live rich

live richWhen you think of what it must be like to be a multimillionaire, chances are that your first thought is to the home. A huge, expensive home. But what if you could live in a home worth millions and only pay $2,500 per month?

That’s the idea behind Showhomes, a company that specializes in staging homes for sale. According to CNN Money, Showhomes operates on the principle that homes are more attractive to buyers when they are lived in. So, the company “hires” people to live in expensive homes to give them that “lived in” feel.

Many times, the homeowners have multiple houses, and they live too far away to keep an eye on the situation, such as keeping things clean, watching for water pipe problems, or living in the home to discourage squatters. Showhomes steps in and finds people to live in the homes for a low rent. Paying $2,500 a month is pretty good for a home that’s worth more than a million dollars, and might provide you with access to a pool, tennis court, and other amenities.

However, not just anyone can get into the business of house sitting a multi-millionaire’s home. Showhomes puts its applicants through a rigorous background check, and there are restrictions on the type of decor you can put up in the home. And, of course, once the home sells, you have to pack up and move.

But, it you are just looking for a cheap situation for a few months, working as a housesitter for Showhomes (or for any other company, really) might not be a bad move. Get to know an area while living there, and then figure out exactly where you want to put down more permanent roots.