Bethany’s Breakdown: Why Detroit is the perfect post grad city

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Bethany'sBreakdownDetroit has something to offer post grads that most big cities can’t: it’s rebuilding. Much like myself, the city is in a time of transition. It has the highest potential and people who care standing behind it. I’m reinventing who I am and where I’m going and so is Detroit. Unlike the cities my friends moved to after graduation, Detroit has given me the best of both worlds. I have the big city atmosphere, plus the vibe of a small community. Something I thought was impossible.

After you graduate from college, wherever you go doesn’t feel like “home” for a while. Or at least that’s how I felt like and sometimes still do. My home was with the girls I called roommates for the past few years. In a time of transition, it’s hard to be honest with yourself; I realized I was confusing my “home” with a place of familiarity. But, with the right perspective any place that becomes familiar can turn into a home. And that’s what Detroit has become to me, my home. A place where I feel like I belong and can relate to. There’s talent, passion, love and Tigers fans on every corner. It’s relatable and I think that’s why the transition has come so easily. Detroit, like many other people in my shoes, has parts that are both polished and unpolished. There is not only room for change, but for growth and opportunity too. As I’m establishing credit, Detroit in more ways than one, is doing the same.

Still need another reason why Detroit is the perfect city for post grads? It’s fun! And this weeks “Pop Quizzle” (aka something I learned this week/s) is: What is there to do in Detroit? [*There’s a lot! This is just a few of the activities I’ve been lucky enough to take part in over the past few weeks*]

1. Downtown Hoedown – The parking lot of Comerica hasn’t been this much fun since the Tigers comeback in 2006. My biggest recommendation, pay extra for VIP. You get free beer and WAY better seats.

2. Tigers games – What better way to spend Friday night than watching Miguel Cabrera hit a few home runs. (Side note: don’t turn around while trying to walk up the stairs, sprained my ankle at the first game I went to this year!)

3. Beach Bar – So the D may not have the ocean, but the Beach Bar is the next best thing. With cold drinks, sand and beach chairs you’ll feel relaxed. Located in the heart of downtown, Campus Martius Park.

4. Outdoor movie screenings – New Center Park is just one of the few places that shows summer outdoor movies! The night I went to try and see Casablanca, the park cancelled due to rain. I’m hoping to catch another one on the list from Thrillist. And, it’s free!

5. Games in Cadillac Square – From playing ping pong to bean bag tosses to watching Team USA vs. Germany, Cadillac Square has all the action.

6. Healthy Moves Yoga – Another activity in Campus Martius Park, free yoga lessons at the beach!

Check out the collage below to see some pics from the journey!


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