Quizzle Top 5 Weekly Must-Reads – May 11, 2014

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A collection of Quizzle’s Must-Read Articles for the week ending May 11, 2014:

How To Pay Bills & Start A Business – 5 Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets Here are snippets from five of these entrepreneurs explaining how they managed to pay their monthly bills during those initial days.

A 6 step guide to getting your dream job I got my dream job in two years and this is how I did it.

So you’ve missed a payment: Now what? Perhaps you’ve investigated all of your last-ditch solutions for cash emergencies, but you’re still going to come up short on an obligation or two. What happens next?

These Simple Car Care Tips Can Help Save Money – Even for Non Gear Heads Like Me I dread having to think about maintaining my car. And it’s not appreciating in value. Therefore, there is a big need to maintain it properly, if only with a few simple tasks, so that I get the longest use possible for it.

Five Insurance Tips for Five Insurance Types Since you have to pay premiums every month, you want to keep these expenses down. With that in mind I decided to come up with 5 insurance tips for 5 insurance types.