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Personal_Finance_blogger Quizzle Wire readers, meet Michael. He’s a married father of four children who rambles about finances on his website Financial Ramblings, talking about all the things that matter to you, the personal finance buff.

While Michael has no formal training in finance, he does say that he and his wife have a way with money. They have already paid off their mortgage, they carry no consumer debt, and they have built a sizable investment portfolio. Does Financial Ramblings sound like a site you should be reading more often? It does to us!

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His site contains a wealth of information on many different financial topics, but posts like How to Haggle Even if You Hate Haggling and How Do Income Tax Brackets Work? offer up real advice and knowledge to anyone on the lookout to learn more about their finances.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Financial Ramblings!