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Personal_Finance_blogger Great customer service is key to having a successful business, right? Thankfully, we have The Consumerist as a place to discuss our customer service experiences and to help each other decide which businesses to have relationships with.

Largely made up of reader submissions, Consumerist looks for the following information from those of us out “consuming” in the world:

  • Questions for “Ask the Consumerist”
  • Stories they should cover
  • Helpful tips for consumers (e. g., Do you work retail and wish your customers knew xy & z?)
  • Pictures of interesting things you see while shopping or working.
  • Information you think they might be interested in seeing

The site is a not-for-profit subsidiary of Consumer Reports and accepts no outside ads, so they aren’t going to play favorites when complaints about certain companies come in.

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Recently, a post about Victoria’s Secret not refunding a customer the right amount of money ran on the site. Soon afterwards, the retail chain contacted the customer, made sure she was refunded, and sent her a $50 gift card. Consumer advocacy works, and we can count on Consumerist to make companies notice when they do their customers wrong.

In the past, if a company wasn’t willing to help out a customer, the customer didn’t really have much recourse. Now, we have Consumerist. It’s a valuable resource for all of us, and it’s a site that you should be checking out on a regular basis.