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Home Loans and Your Credit Score

Home Loans and Your Credit ScoreHomeownership is the keystone for millions of Americans’ personal finances. Buying a place of your own to live and raise your family is the biggest purchase many people will ever make.

With the stakes so high—with nothing less than the life you want to live on the line—it’s common to feel a little overwhelmed by it all. As with any major endeavor, information is power—and that’s why Quizzle’s here: to help you navigate your way through all the phases of the home-buying and homeownership process.

From the early stages of building creditworthiness to get a mortgage loan, to deciding what kind of mortgage works best for you, all the way through to the particulars of mortgage refinancing, mortgage recasting and reverse mortgages, the Quizzle blog is on your side.

Read the Complete Mortgage Basics Guidebook:

CHAPTER 1: The Home Loan

CHAPTER 2: Mortgage Rates

CHAPTER 3: Mortgage Refinancing

CHAPTER 4: Common Mortgage Questions

CHAPTER 5: Mortgage Tips

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