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Make the Most of Your Credit Card Rewards

Make the Most of Your Credit Card RewardsImproving credit can be a question of proactively building up a new credit history or doing some repairs or modifications to a more established one. From college freshmen looking for a good head-start to a growing family looking for a larger home, no matter where you are in life, you have a stake in credit improvement.

The ultimate goal of your credit reports and scores is to demonstrate your reliability as a borrower to lenders. Without a quality score, some of the most important purchases—homes, cars, etc.—can be priced out of your reach. That’s why working to maximize your reports and scores is time well-spent.

With the economic tumult of recent years, many people took some serious hits to their credit reports due to unforeseen circumstances. You may be one of them. Maybe you lost a job, missed mortgage payments, or had to declare bankruptcy. Don’t get depressed—get informed and get back in the game!

While many things can damage your credit, there’s plenty you can do to improve your scores and, with them, your lot in life.

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CHAPTER 1: Credit Improvement Tips

CHAPTER 2: Credit Cards

CHAPTER 3: Debt Management

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