Quizzle Weekly Money Tips: Errors on Your Credit Report

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We’ve all been there: junk mail comes through the slot and your name is misspelled, (“Hmm…never seen ‘Steve’ spelled with an ‘L’ before”), or maybe the address is wrong and mail intended for you ends up at a crazy neighbor’s house, a dilapidated hovel occupied by someone known to neighborhood children as “That Pigeon Lady”. Meanwhile, you’ve received her copy of ‘Emotionally Disturbed Shut-Ins Monthly’.

So, whatever, you exchange the mail. The point is, our society is rife with these minor clerical errors and annoyances and, sure, most don’t amount to anything at all besides an infinitesimal amount of wounded pride or an interaction with a person who may tend to an unhealthy amount of pigeons. However, your credit report is subject to both human and computer error, and with so many credit reports to process, accidents will happen within the scoring agencies…and do so with uncomfortable frequency.

While most of these simple mistakes are harmless, should the wrong kind make it onto your history, the ramifications can be significant. And these errors can come in a variety of forms: incorrect name, address, Social Security number, credit limit, etc., etc.—the potential for mistakes is limited only by the categories unique to you: so, basically everything could go wrong.

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This week Quizzologists took a gander at the different ways little mistakes on your credit report can cause big headaches. With that mission in mind, here are some articles from the blog, and we promise—most of them are spelled properly.