Quizzle Weekly Money Tips: Dealing with Identity Theft

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It’s one of the most frustrating parts of living in a modern information age: identity theft. With so many different avenues at thieves’ disposal to get at you, controlling access to personal financial information has become such a problem that it’s given birth to a whole industry. Sadly, even the most effective remedies they offer aren’t completely fool-proof.

So, let’s say the worst has happened—you’ve become one of the millions of victims of this insidious crime wave. What do you do? Where do you turn? How long will it take to put your own personal Humpty Dumpty back together? For starters, you should know in advance: it’s going to take some time and effort.

Unfortunately, while it takes years of hard work and diligence to build a solid credit score, it can all be undone in a comparative heartbeat. Fixing identity theft issues won’t be easy or quick, and you’re going to want to scream at many points during the ordeal. However, if you apply the same basic principles you used to build your credit in the first place, you can begin to methodically undo the damage done by the highwaymen of the 21st Century.

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