Quizzle Weekly Money Tips: A Closer Look at Identity Theft

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This week, the Quizzle blog dug a little deeper on the subject of identity theft; a crime that’s incredibly costly, wasteful, time-consuming and utterly annoying. We’ve broken it down by the numbers and advised you on steps to take if, God forbid, you’ve been victimized.

But let’s not think about that! We’re staying positive, remember. We’re here to avoid losing months of life and hundreds of hours of work repairing damage done to our credit scores! We’re going to vigilantly safeguard our identity and responsibly monitor our credit! We’re going to boldly—wait, where is our wallet…?

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The sad fact is, no one is immune to this phenomenon. There are prices to be paid for increases in technology along with benefits to be reaped; there are tradeoffs. With that said, there are thankfully some common sense strategies and tactics you can employ to avoid joining the sad ranks of those whose identities were stolen, and who have been forced to contend with the aftermath.

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