Quizzle Weekly Money Tips: Building Your Child’s Credit

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You’ve watched them take their first steps, lose their first tooth, attend their first day of school, and so many other cherished parental milestones…but things start to get a little less adorable and a little more complicated when it comes time for your child to fill out that first credit card application.

This week in Quizzleland, we’ve been taking a look at the various strategies at parents’ disposal to help kids improve their credit and prepare for the Big, Bad, Real World of Personal Finance. From co-signing their student loans to helping them decide on an appropriate first line of credit, there are a number of ways to ensure they’re getting off to a good start before they fly the coop. Like with all credit matters, however, there are things you should know before you start.

With the crucial importance of a solid credit score in buying a home, financing a car, and so on, the choices you and your child make now will have ramifications for years to come. With that weighty caveat in mind, here are some relevant articles on the topic from Quizzologists here at the blog: