Quizzle Weekly Money Tips: How Bad Credit Keeps You From Goals

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We Quizzologists can sound like broken records sometimes, constantly reminding you about the inherent wisdom of getting your free credit reports and scores through Quizzle. We’re sorry. Understand, we only do it out of love and concern.

Bad credit is a menace, roaming the countryside, crushing dreams and emptying bank accounts. But what does having bad credit really mean, anyway? From a practical perspective, what is credit when you get down to it?

This week, the Quizzle blog took the nebulous, ill-defined concept of bad credit and put it in the simplest terms: it’s what stands between you and the life you envision for yourself. Sure, it’s about money. But more importantly, building credit is about realizing your dreams and potential—giving yourself the best chance to live life to its fullest, rather than constantly grinding out any number of fallback plans.

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Bad credit wants to hold you back, and we want to warn you just what it’s capable of! To illustrate why we’re so resolute in the fight against bad credit, here are some articles from the blog: