Quizzle Weekly Money Tips: More Credit Cards

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As spring turns to summer, seniors in the Class of 2012 will soon grab their sheepskins and graduate—not only from high school but into the very real world of personal finance. While their minds may be on rising temperatures, there’s a lot to be said for keeping an eye on another important number that—ideally—should be rising along with the mercury: their credit score.

With many of those seniors becoming college freshman in the fall, and with all those attendant expenses, a first credit card is likely in the offing. But what are the rules of the road one should observe upon entering the Wonderful World of Plastic? And once you’re there, what does it take to successfully stay? Should you carry one card, or two? Is three too many?

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This week, we took a look at the best ways to acquire, manage and maintain credit cards while putting them to work with the overall goal of improving your score over time. Here are some related articles from the Quizzle blog.