Does Your Home Have Curb Appeal?

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Curb Appeal

When you’re selling your home, you only have one chance to make a first impression. The first few seconds that your home comes into the view of the potential buyer can make or break the deal. The attractiveness of your home from the outside is a measurement of its “curb appeal” and includes the way the home, the yard and other surrounding areas of your home look to the potential buyer.

The great news is that you can use these guidelines as a measuring tool to determine how much curb appeal your home has, and take proactive steps in ensuring its first impression leaves a lasting good impression on potential buyers.

Color Scheme

Look at your paint or aluminum siding choice and then glance around to that of your neighbors. Does your house stand out or is it in line with the look and feel of your neighborhood? It’s okay if you don’t want your house to look exactly like every other house in the area, but your home should not stick out like a sore thumb either. For example, if the rest of the houses are neutral colors, then don’t paint your house an electric or neon color. Choose a color that blends in and complements the rest of the neighborhood.


Does your lawn, bushes and landscaping deserve a lawn of the month award or do your neighbors shield their eyes when driving by your house? Mow the grass and keep it mowed while you’re selling the house. Prune bushes, trees and flowers. Neat and clean is the way to go with your landscaping so that it’s inviting enough to make the buyers want to see what treasures the inside of the home holds.

Stash the Trash

Does the front of your home look like a used car dealership or a junk heap? If so, de-clutter and stash the trash. Remove any junk cars, parts and anything else that doesn’t belong in the front or back yard of the home.  You should even make an effort to hide or stash the trash and recycling bins so they aren’t sitting on display when the potential buyers pull up.

Curb appeal is what you want your house to have when you’re trying to sell it. You want potential buyers to pull up and get the right first impression on what your home has to offer them. In this case, buyers do judge the book by its cover, so make sure the cover is clean, de-cluttered and welcoming. The first impression really makes a difference in how they perceive the inside of the home and the impression they walk away with when the tour of your home is over.

We’re talking to sellers today, but if you’re on the other end of this spectrum, stay on top of your eligibilty.  See today’s latest mortgage rates and get your credit report.