How to Find Cheap or Free Legal Advice

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How to Get Free Legal Advice

How to Get Free Legal Advice

Finding yourself in a situation where you need legal help can make you feel powerless, frustrated, and confused – especially if you can’t afford the incredibly high price many lawyers charge. The way our legal system works, you’d almost be better off getting charged with some kind of crime (and guaranteed a pro bono lawyer) than needing to ask about the legal implications of setting up a business or dealing with damage caused to your property by a neighbor who won’t pay.

Obviously, the best way to get legal advice is through your own personal contacts, but not all of us are best friends with a lawyer or have the family attorney on speed dial. Luckily, there are people out there who know how tough it is, and a number of different options are available to those who just have basic questions or need a little advice.

American Bar Association (ABA)

The ABA website not only has a list of pro bono legal services, but a map tool you can use to find them locally that very clearly lists the kinds of cases they take on.

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State Bar Associations

Some states are better than others at this, but almost all at least have a pro bono section with links to free consultation services as well as useful information on everything from how to find the right lawyer to how small claims court works – completely free!

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Department of Justice (DOJ)

Similar to the ABA, the DOJ has a list of free legal counseling organizations divided by state. This can be very useful just to see what’s out there in a clear and concise way. and LawHelp

Both of these sites are part of one larger organization designed to help people find free or very low-priced legal help. is attorney-based, and has up-to-date news from the pro bono field and lots of search options that can help you get the assistance you need. LawHelp links clients up with lawyers who are willing to do pro bono work or help you out at extremely reduced rates.

LawGuru, FreeAdvice, and other forums

Thank goodness for the Internet. While you obviously have to be careful about who you’re taking advice from – I wouldn’t want to just post a question on and hope for the best! – sites like LawGuru and FreeAdvice actually host trained professionals who can answer many legal questions for you, and might even be able to refer you to someone for a free consultation if they can’t help.

Look for a lawyer that offers free consultations

Many lawyers are willing to give you a free consultation that can range from 15 minutes to an hour of their time. Very nice lawyers will even exchange a few emails with you about your situation and read documentation free of charge. Do a search for lawyers who focus on your type of case and call them up to see what they are willing to help.

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